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We are dedicated to preserving and teaching Pilates in its most authentic form utilizing all 16 pieces of Pilates apparatus, which was designed by Joseph H. Pilates.

We are not "Pilates-based". We are Pilates! We are extensively trained and certified to teach the technique in its most authentic form. During each session, instructors will use their trained eye to monitor your every movement. Your training regimen is personalized based on your physical needs, abilities and/or limitations in order to make your body stronger and more flexible, while correcting any muscular imbalances.

You progress at your own rate in a non-competitive environment through varied and interesting movements. As you develop your new somatic awareness and perfect your technique, there are hundreds of new exercises to challenge you.

Our Instructors

All of our instructors are certified by Master Teacher, Romana Kryzanowska at The Pilates Studio™ of New York and Romana's Pilates™, LLC. They have studied Pilates for years before entering the intense full time training program, and spent many months of apprentice teaching before teaching professionally. Their study of the body, its movement, and its ability to rehabilitate, is ongoing and required with Master Teacher Romana.

Our Pledge

Our goal is to keep abreast of new strides in exercise, both physical and mental, and to focus on keeping your body healthy and strong. We honor the authentic work of Joseph H. Pilates and will continue to teach this dynamic system as it best suits each individuals needs.


33 Watchung Plaza
Montclair, New Jersey 07042

Our beautiful space is at 33 Watchung Plaza, right beside Sunrise Bagels.

Watchung Plaza is part of the Watchung Avenue business district at the intersection of Park Street and Watchung Avenue. It is a small street of stores which runs from Faifield Street diagonally to Watchung Avenue, and faces a small park. It is one way and must be entered from Fairfield Street.

There is 1 hour street parking on Watchung Plaza and a municipal lot behind it with 2 hour parking. The municipal lot can be entered from Fairfield Street.

To get to the Movement Place:

From Verona and the Caldwells - Take Bloomfield Avenue to Park Street, turn left. Go about a mile to the Watchung Ave. train station (on the right), follow Park Street as it turns right and goes under the railroad trestle. Turn right IMMEDIATELY on to Fairfield Street. The entrance to Watchung Plaza is the first left, the entrance to the parking lot is the second.

From Glen Ridge and Bloomfield - Take Watchung Avenue to the intersection of Park Street. Bear left around the park and on to Fairfiled Street. Do NOT go under the railroad trestle.

From the Parkway - Coming north to Montclair, take the Watchung Ave. exit, turn left onto Watchung Ave. and go through 6 traffic lights, the last of which will be Watchung and North Fullerton Ave. Go one SHORT block further to Park and Watchung, turn left to go around the park and onto Fairfield Street. Coming south to Montclair, take the Watchung Ave. exit, turn right onto Watchung Ave., go through 5 traffic lights, the last of which is Watchung and North Fullerton, and follow the directions above to Fairfield Street.

From Route 46 - Take the Valley Road exit, turn right onto Valley Road, go aprox. 2.5 miles to Bellevue Avenue, turn left. Go one long block to Park Street, turn right, go about 1 mile to Watchung Ave. Go through the intersection and bear left around the park to Fairfield Street. Do not go under the railroad trestle.

From Route 3 - Take the Grove Street exit, turn left onto Grove Street, go about three miles to Watchung Ave., turn right. At Park Street, turn left, go around the partk to Fairfield STreet.

If anything is missing or unclear, or if you have any other qestions, please call the studio at 973-746-2577. We look forward to seeing you at The Movement Place.

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